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The Enabling Youth programme was established in 2008. We are part of Stopping Violence Services (Christchurch) Incorporated, which has been operating since 1984.

We work in partnership with both government and community organisations to enable young people to develop positive, proactive skills, helping to strengthening social cohesion and create safer communities.

The Enabling Youth programme aims to assist young people with raising foundation skills, encouraging life long learnings and positive relationships. By addressing issues of violence and abuse, young people are able to move forward with confidence, exploring educational and employment opportunities as well as creating safety for themselves and for those impacted by their actions.

Young people who participate in our programme demonstrate:

  • Improved self esteem and confidence

  • Healthier relationships with friends and whanāu

  • Positive engagement with the community

  • Less violent and abusive behaviours

  • Improved communication and problem solving skills


How is the Enabling Youth Programme Funded?

The demand of our service continues to grow. To ensure the continued delivery of our programme, we are reliant on the funding support of government departments Oranga Tamariki and the Tertiary Education Commission. Community Trusts are also valued supporters.


Enabling Youth receives referrals from many sources including:

  • Schools

  • Counsellors

  • Health professionals

  • Tertiary Educational Institutions

  • Oranga Tamariki

  • Ministry of Social Development

  • Parents and whanāu

  • Self referrals

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