What Our Clients Say

"I am a lot happier because I'm not angry all the time and I know how to control it."

"Don't be scared to do the programme - it can really help you"

"I have learned to talk about things to help understand any anger issues"

"Enabling youth programme isn't like what you see on American TV shows where you lie down, and say what's on your mind and all that.
  Instead it’s a whole lot different, where you get treated as a person  as it's not like an interview."

"I found Enabling Youth to be very welcoming and helped me become a better person"

"It's scary at first but it actually really helps. I feel much better and safer with my anger now"

"It's really friendly and welcoming. I loved every minute there. Give it a try, what's there to lose?"


Young people who attended our programme have:
  • Recognised the intentions and beliefs behind their use of violence and abuse
  • Increased their ability to communicate and make decisions respectfully
  • Increased awareness of gender inequality
  • Gained the ability to recognise their triggers, early warning signs and high risk situations
  • Gained knowledge of how and when to take time out to prevent the escalation of violent or abusive behaviours
  • Increased awareness of how and when to seek support


Youth Services

The Enabling Youth Programme is a comprehensive intervention designed to assist at risk Youth/Rangatahi and young people aged between 11 and 30 years...

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Adult Services

Stopping Violence Services Christchurch (SVS) provides programmes to adults with issues of violence and abusive behaviour, helping them to learn healthy ways to cope with frustration and anger....

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